Myths about Slots and Roulette Defeated by Casino Experts

Myths about Slots and Roulette Defeated by Casino Experts

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Have you ever heard of a casino myth that sounded so true but turned out to be false? If you have fallen victim to believing any of these popular gambling myths, you are not alone, as we have all been there several times.

As a matter of fact, in the process of learning how to play any casino game, it is only commonplace that these myths come up. As such, as a new player who didn’t know any better, you’re more likely to be influenced into believing them.

While there are hundreds of myths commonly peddled about casino games, let’s look at the most popular ones specific to slots and roulette.

Top 5 Common Myths about Slots

Top 5 Common Myths about Slots

This section will delve deeply into five of the most common myths about slots and facts debunking them.

Myth #1 – Slot Machines Can be Hacked

This easily ranks top of our list because it is so widely believed that many have been defrauded by hackers who claim they can cheat a casino. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Online casinos and even land-based casinos feature slots that are designed with the most complicated and secure technology you can possibly think of.

For these gaming providers, security is a priority, and with such fool-proof technology,  it is almost impossible to hack the system. It’s also worth mentioning that anyone caught trying to manipulate a slot machine will face legal consequences. Online casinos have RNG protocols and different testing agencies that ensure their games’ integrity.

Myth #2 – Land-Based Casinos Guarantee More Wins than Online Casinos

This is another popular myth that’s largely false. The fact remains that both land-based and online casinos use the same technology that determines the results. The odds and outcome is based on random number generators that give all players the same chance of winning – no matter where they’re located.

So, basically, whether you play online or offline, your odds of winning don’t automatically change as results are defined randomly on all fronts. 

Myth #3 – There is a Hot or Cold Streak in Slot

Some people believe that there are times when playing slots when you can be assured of a winning or a losing streak. This is also false because, as we have already emphasised, outcomes or results in slots are very random and hard to predict. They’re not likely to change just because you’ve won or lost.

Myth #4 – Jackpots Don’t Come Back-to-Back in Slots

The idea behind this superstition is that a slot will avoid paying a jackpot back-to-back, probably to reduce their losses. However, this is false, as you can win jackpots in quick succession. Winning jackpots in slots is based on luck; regardless of how experienced you are playing slots, you can’t predict when you will next hit the jackpot.

You can even win it while playing with low deposit bonuses.

Myth #5 – Casinos Can Adjust Winning Chances

It is easy to see why this myth will be peddled because people want to believe casinos pull up some tricks to stay in profit. However, this is something that is considered illegal by third-party regulators who check these platforms before approving their licence.

As such, casinos, especially the licensed ones, can’t afford to lose their gambling license by adjusting winning chances. For what it is worth, this is why you should only stick to playing at licensed providers that adhere to fair gaming policies.

Top 5 Common Myths about Roulette

Top 5 Common Myths about Roulette

Roulette is one casino game whose popularity is unrivalled globally. Hence, it is not surprising there are a bunch of myths that are peddled about this casino game. In this section, we will be highlighting these myths while debunking them with facts.

Myth #1 – Placing Several Bets on the Board Helps You Beat House Edge

It is important to note that house edge is factored in every independent round on roulette and placing several bets on the board doesn’t necessarily help you beat the house edge or advantage. In clear terms, placing several bets doesn’t mean you’re going to win in that round.

While this strategy might work for a short while, it is probably one of the fastest ways to exhaust your bankroll while playing. As such, it is not advisable. Going down this route is one easy way to be sunk deep into problem gambling, a behaviour that can lead to gambling addiction.

Myth #2 – Past Gambling Outcomes Can Dictate Future Results

It is easy to see why you would think, as a gambler, that getting a black in the last spin reduces the chances of hitting a black in the next few spins. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Interestingly, new casinos don’t particularly do much to debunk this myth because it is rather hard to make everyone believe the truth. But the truth is, regardless of the previous outcomes, the probability of hitting an outcome in every spin remains the same.

Myth #3 – Sticking to One Type of Bet Increase Winning Chances

This is another popular myth that sounds very believable but false. As a matter of fact, the more you tweak your bets as you play, the higher your chance of hitting a win.

Some casino experts explain that sticking to one type of bet all through your gaming session limits your chances of winning by a great deal. However, there are multiple wagering systems with different perspectives on these matters. So, just remember that you can stick to one type of bet or play around to learn more.

Myth #4 – Hitting Big Wins is Impossible in Roulette

Without any doubt, this is false. Many players have recorded massive wins while playing roulette. There are some bets in roulette that give you a chance of multiplying your stake by as high as 36x.

Imagine you staked $200 on that bet. That’s a whopping $7200 if it wins. The illustration shows that winning big is not as unimaginable as many have made it seem. One thing that’s particularly worthy of note, though, is the fact that to win big, you have to stake high.

Myth #5 – The Game is Rigged

As with most casino games, roulette is a game of chance. Most roulette games you find online are designed by state-of-the-art technology which models fairness and randomness. Not to mention the grave penalty rigging of games by casinos attracts. This is one risk they can’t stand to take.

You can rest assured that roulette, whether played online or offline, is not rigged, and your results are always randomly generated.

Best Ways to Avoid Gambling Problems

More than you can imagine, the issue of problem gambling is existent. The truth is gambling isn’t a problem. However, doing so without control, where you tend to be emotional and allow dopamine to dictate your actions on board, can be catastrophic. This has been responsible for many issues among gambling addicts, like mental health issues, anxiety, substance abuse, loss of financial means (joblessness), etc.

Hence, it is important that we list some of the best steps you can observe to practice responsible gambling:

  • Patronise casino platforms that encourage and ensure that safer gaming practices are observed, like setting daily bet limits.
  • Avoid betting after a streak of losses at that stage; you are too disoriented to overcome the urge to bet more.
  • For your well-being, ensure that the online casino you engage in is checked by responsible gaming regulators like GameCare.
  • Ensure that the casinos you play at are licensed.
  • Seek playing games you are most familiar with to curtail losses.


Most of these popular misconceptions about slots and roulette are as old as time and have swayed a great deal of users from trying out these games. This is why we made it a responsibility to create this detailed article addressing them in a bid to help you see the truth. At this point,  we want to believe you can now differentiate the myths from the facts.

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