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What is a casino review?

What is a casino review

It is an article based on extensive analysis and comparison of an Irish platform. The purpose of an online casino review site is to help users navigate the gambling industry effortlessly, and receive expert guidance to make wiser financial decisions.

How do online sites work?

To take control of your session and better understand how to compare such sites, you must know how they work. We at CasinoAlpha, offer you all the necessary information to empower your financial activities.

We’re here to offer you guidance for every move you take

We teach you:

  • The importance of casino reviews
  • How online we can improve your sessions
  • The main criteria our best reviews are based on
  • How to better use our system to your benefit

We are your most trusted source in this domain. This being said, let’s get right into the data!

Why are casinos reviews 2022 important?

Why are casinos reviews 2022 important

From the top 50 online casinos on the market, it can be challenging to know who to trust. We understand this very well. Besides, there’s a lack of transparency in this industry which we’ve observed in more than 6 years of market analysis.

That is how we’ve started our mission, and we shall not stop until we’ve managed to fulfil our duty to all Irish players. We regularly complete our list with new casinos online Ireland so that you will always have something to choose from. All the websites from our list of online casinos are being tested and analyzed by our gambling professionals.


Let us take you into a fictive situation to bluntly answer why our work is utterly crucial to Irish players. We believe that to grasp the reality, you must know the downsides of this industry.

Have you been in this situation?

You want to try something different for a change. You either scroll on the endless list of Google casino reviews 2022 Ireland, or you’re stuck and don’t know where to start.

Let’s say that you’ve randomly chosen a platform. What do you look at first? Games and promotions, right? That’s good, because that is what actually interests you, but that’s not all.

The first step you must take!

You must first check the licence. Afterwards, you should look at the payment methods to see if those platforms have variety or the methods you usually use. But, you cannot check this if you don’t open an account and verify it.

What about the limits and requirements imposed?

If you do not check the site’s Terms and Conditions, you might find that the website does not give you the amount you’ve generated from a game session.

Why does that happen?

Because you either did not complete a requirement, or you might have exceeded a specific limit.

That’s what we do for you through our 2022 Ireland casino reviews. We take every step you take and some more so that we can offer you all the crucial details to make a confident decision.

Casino reviews Ireland 2022: Our unique system!

Casino reviews Ireland 2022 Our unique system

We aim to be your most significant faithful source of Irish online casino reviews. Still, to be the best, we must have a relationship based on trust with you as our customer.


To create and maintain this relationship, we will always be transparent about how we present and analyze our objective casino reviews 2022 Ireland.

Here are the main criteria!

  • It’s all about safety & security

The most important aspect of our best casino reviews is the operator’s license. Through it, it shows website legitimacy. The authority that governs the gambling activities in Ireland is Revenue Commissioners. Therefore, it is a must that an online site must be regulated by this authority.

Another aspect we take into consideration is the reputation of the company that operates the online platform.

  • You need variety of games & providers

The reason is quite simple. If you do not have a wide range of titles and software providers, you will not have diversity. Therefore, that specific platform might not satisfy all your needs.

We make sure when creating our in-depth texts that we test the games to keep you away from errors.


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  • Payment methods: the more, the better

We ensure that you have the most used banking options in the Irish market, and you can find them on our site.

Payment methods the more, the better

Such methods include but are not limited to:

  1. PayPal
  2. Paysafecard
  3. Visa
  4. Mastercard

Besides this, we look closely at the limits imposed by the operator when it comes to making transactions.


In all our 2022 Ireland casino reviews, we will pinpoint the data that you must pay closer attention to through either tips or tables.

  • Limits that affect you

When we refer to limits, we do not only look at the deposit or withdrawal ones. Unfortunately, many conditions can influence in a good or a wrong way your gambling session.

These limits can be on:

  1. Wagering requirement
  2. How much can you receive from a bonus
  3. Limitations per bonuses
  4. Limitation on a certain game

We’ve been around for quite a long time. Therefore, we’ve come to know what are the Irish market’s standards. Through our expertise, we can help you navigate easier through the lengthy terms and conditions of an operator.

  • Your safety comes first

Each operator must come with various responsible tools to help you keep your gambling activities under control. We analyze each feature and explain how you can better use them to your advantage in all our best online casino reviews.

  • It is a must to have support

It is a must to have support

You might think that customer support is a trivial matter. But, we beg to differ. Having support 24/7 on various methods is ideal for any operator.

Why is customer support a vital aspect of your gambling?

Because you might find yourself in a pitch, and the only way to resolve is with a support agent.

What will you do when the support is not available in specific time frames? What do you do when the only contact method is through the mail, which has an average response of 48 hours?

That is precisely why we test the support before writing our verdicts! We ensure that you will receive quality answers to any questions you might have.

  • Gambling is not complete without promotions

We cannot say that an online casino is complete if it does not provide its customers with different types of casino bonuses 2022. So, what we do is do the work for you so that you can skip the struggle.

Remember! A good casino must have:

  1. Online casino no deposit bonuses
  2. No deposit free spins Ireland
  3. And more

If you wonder how we check the promotions when writing, we’re here to answer.

We claim each offer ourselves

To truly understand how a bonus works, we must test it. Through our methods, we can see and transmit accurate information that can help you.

Moreover, by trying an offer, we can uncover details that may influence your session.

  • Online performance

Platforms need to offer the same good compatibility on both desktop and mobile.

We use different methods to examine a site’s performance and operating systems; we even analyze the operator’s mobile casino apps.

We also check if there are any differences between the two interfaces regarding payments, usability, bonuses, and games, and we describe them meticulously in all our best casino reviews.

How to use our 2022 Ireland casino reviews: 6-step guide

How to use our 2022 Ireland casino reviews 6-step guide

We’ve given you a sample from our reviews. It’s time to teach you how to best use it:

  • 1st Step: Our ratings are clearly explained

Use them to understand why we’ve given an operator a particular note. We’ve specifically created our rating system to help you get a sharp, clear image of what’s going on.

  • 2nd Step: Don’t forget to check our presentation of casinos vs market standards

We believe that if you have all the necessary information at your disposal, it will be easier to make a decision. Thus, knowing the industry’s standards, you can better understand how your iGaming site stands in this market.

  • 3rd Step: Read our extensive research explained by an expert.

Everything you need and more can be found in our best casino reviews database. We’ve researched every little detail and compiled all the results in a user-friendly manner in our 2022 Ireland casino reviews.

  • 4th Step: Throughout our text, we give tips and recommendations.

Look carefully! These bubbles full of insights can prove to be of use.

  • 5th Step: How does your casino stand with others?

We put side by side comparisons containing crucial elements all Irish players must know.

  • 6th Step: Share your opinion with us!

You are our top priority. To keep our standards and come with the best casino reviews, we need your feedback. Share with us your opinions and help us improve ourselves.

Why trust our online casino reviews?

Why trust our online casino reviews

With us, everything is simple and clear! We’re not your typical online casino review site that simply says whether an online website is good or bad. No, we’re not here to tell you how you must view a casino.

We’re here to present our facts and experience on the site, translate, and explain the complicating T&C’s, and pinpoint the downsides which are not at the same standards as Ireland’s industry average.


You know what’s best for you. Our 2022 Ireland casino reviews are just a knowledge bank ready to help guide your decision. So, make use of our unbiased analysis.

With us, you will always receive:

  • Information about what you need to know

You can view us as your gateway to a brighter gambling session. We put at your disposal all the essentials meant to educate you about this industry through the best casino reviews in the market.

  • Compare casinos

At CasinoAlpha Ireland, everything is easy! We extract the essential data from operators and compare them. Thanks to this, you may take a confident decision and clearly see which casino better suits you by reading our online casino reviews.

  • Read about an expert’s experience

Our team is full of gambling experts who use their broad and different backgrounds to show you a complete walk-through. From the registration process to the withdrawal one, everything is carefully laid and explained within all 2022 Ireland casino reviews to see the entire picture.