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CasinoAlpha Ireland offers informative pages free of charge to educate the Irish customer to make wiser financial decisions in the gambling world.

A preview of what CasinoAlpha Ireland does:

  1. Tests and reviews gambling products such as bonuses and casinos.
  2. Leading Irish players towards better and confident financial decisions with educational guides.
  3. Keeping readers up to date with the latest trends in the iGaming industry.

You are our main focus

We are devoted to producing objective and transparent information about the gambling industry, tailored for the Irish gambler.

Over the past five years, our specialists have analysed the Irish gambling industry casino operators to present you with the ones that are genuinely worthy of your membership.

Within this time we’ve managed to create publishing policies that have you and your well-being at centre stage.

Where is our Irish alpha casino?

We are not even close to ending our journey to finding our alpha Irish online casino. But we are determined to.

What do we look for in our alpha?’

We cannot come with a straightforward answer. When we see it, we will click with it and feel it. So, trust our judgement and believe that it is worth the wait. This isn’t a race, so we’ve got nothing but time. Plus, when have we ever told you an untruth?

Why trust our team?

We pride ourselves on connecting millions of Irish users through unbiased and strictly implemented reviews.

Everything we create is designed to help you reach your goal!

Our research is thorough, our analysis is objective, and our manner is user-friendly.

Our leading team of iGaming experts comes from various backgrounds:

  • Creative writers
  • Translators and interpreters of various languages
  • Marketing specialists
  • Journalists
  • Specialists in mathematical probability
  • Legal counselour

They have all gathered around the same principles and mission. Get to know each one on the special Author’s page.

Company info

Company Name
Extremoo Marketing SRL
Area Served
Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Romania, Canada
Vat Code
Registry no.
Mesteacanului nr.4

More on Extremoo Marketing Group, the Owner Company

More on Extremoo Marketing Group, the Owner Company

CasinoAlpha is the most refined project from Extremoo Group, a young and fast-growing company in the online gambling domain. Currently, it has accumulated a little over 6 years of experience.

Through thick and thin, constant challenges and several major legislation changes, they learned, expanded their horizons, and achieved an unparalleled match between their services and the needs of the gambler.

Powered by an intense need to educate gamblers into making better financial and health decisions, the hours of work invested and the many brainstorming meetings resulted in an evolving knowledge bank. Consider it as a free casino encyclopedia.

Extremoo Marketing common interests and a healthy work-oriented approach motivate us towards success. Our principles are:

  1. Focus on professionalism
  2. Construncting and maintaining a good reputation
  3. Growth
  4. Evolution by merit

CasinoAlpha Ireland core principles

Our core principles

We divide our principles into 4 main categories:

  • Transparency
  • Security
  • Independence
  • Player Control



Our content is unbiased and based only on the actual experience of our experts on the casino operators. Our partners cannot influence our analytical way of thinking or alter our guiding principles.

Why is it important to us?

Our primary objective is to create a relationship based on trust with our Irish users. To do so, we must be transparent with how we perform our duties to them.

How we transmit factual and accurate information:

  • Our content’s validity and reliability are shown through our references.
  • Use a wide range of sources to identify, analyse, and process certain information about a specific topic.
  • We follow the Irish legislation and comply with the strict principles of the Irish Betting License issued by Revenue Commissioners.
  • We encourage all our Irish users to share their experiences with the casinos we partner with.

We are on a path of growth, and we continually strive to improve ourselves. To do so, we appeal to our Irish users to get in touch with us if they notice misleading content or errors on our website, by contributing to our comments sections. We consider each feedback.



Our products are given by working in compliance with:

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • DPC (Data Protection Commission)
  • LED (Law Enforcement Directive)
  • Irish ePrivacy Regulations
  • DOJE
  • ORNL
  • ASAI
  • Irish Betting License issued by Revenue Commissioners
  • The latest form of data encryption.

Our website

We use additional protection layers to improve our safety process and block malware or other types of viruses. We are doing everything to prevent damage to your devices.

We are determined to providing Irish users with a safe way of gambling.

In addition to ensuring your safety, we must emphasize that even though we offer advertising support, every partner must work under the Irish Betting License issued by Revenue Commissioners.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

You have the right to be informed, and we ensure it through our compliance with General Data Protection Regulation laws. We collect, handle, and process your data with the purpose of improving our services and nothing more.



We are not owned and neither influenced by an online casino.

Therefore, our content is objective and based on our iGaming expertise accumulated in more than five years in this domain. CasinoAlpha Ireland works as an independent advertising support business.

Why do we do this?

We noticed the lack of objectivity and transparency present in this niche. We wanted to make the change that matters.

Our quest in searching for our alpha casino will not end until we find it. The longer the journey, the better the destination!

We are here to provide you with:

  • Accurate information in all our posts
  • The pros of good casino products
  • Insights on the negative aspects and risks of gambling
  • Recommendations on how to proceed within safe limits and have a reliable casino session

Advertiser Disclosure

Even though we have a financial agreement with our partners and receive monetary compensation for advertising support, this relationship does not influence our casino and bonus reviews. We explain everything in our advertiser disclosure.

Considering the over 5000 hours spent in research and analysis on the Irish gambling industry and more, our experts’ time cannot be paid to be altered.

We proudly connect millions of Irish users through our unbiased review system.

Our content is created by our experts who offer informative pages with the purpose of educating Irish users into making smarter financial decisions.

Advertise with us

We invite every casino operator who works under the same principles to become part of our quest. We want our never-ending journey to be shared with operators that want to grow and improve with us.

Player Protection

Our mission is directed toward raising awareness regarding gambling addiction.

CasinoAlpha Ireland fights against gambling addiction.

It must be noted that we do not offer professional counselling. Instead, we provide informative pages that can guide punters to responsible institutions dealing with treating and combating such an addiction.

How we keep Irish users away from gambling addiction:

  • We do not promote or advertise anything related to underage gambling

We do not promote or advertise anything related to underage gambling

We use supporting tools that can help parents restrict minors’ access to certain pages, so as to prevenent gambling addiction in children.

Prevention and child protection is a subject of utterly importance to us. We help educate the young generation about the risks that come with gambling.

  • Encouraging the use of safe gambling tools

After countless hours of research, we have come up with a modern guide on controlling your gambling habits, based on:

  1. Our real-life experience as gamblers
  2. Our expertise after studying the phenomenon
  3. Applied checks on online casinos and the Responsible Gambling Tools they offer.

Always make use of responsible gambling tools offered by the casino.

  • Responsible gambling institutions you can reach out to

Gambling addiction is a serious matter that can most definitely take a toll on your personal life. Thus, it is important to know whose door to knock on and how to ask for professional help in such instances.

We know the ins and outs of the Irish gambling industry so well that, after consultations with therapists and addiction specialists, we devised a list containing 110 responsible institutions that can help you if your gambling has become a problem.

4 types of articles

Everything we do has a meaning and a special purpose. Know how each type of article can help you by going behind the scene:

Casino Reviews

This is where we create an extensive product review of each top casino, knowing that you’re going to look for crucial details like:

  1. Payments
  2. Fees
  3. Games
  4. Opportunities and more

There, we accentuate crucial elements through our Tips/Recommendation/Be aware/Important messages.

More specifically, with our reviews, Irish users will learn whether:

  • The games are safe
  • If the title selections include Slots, Poker, and other preferred casino games
  • If the payment limits suit their availability
  • Available offers and their conditions, etc.

Each review created by one of our experts will be checked for accuracy by at least two extra professionals in our team.

Ireland Casino Bonuses

We do not simply present bonuses. Instead, we thoroughly test and verify to ensure you receive what it’s promised.

Our aim is to give a complete picture of every offer available on our website, so that you may make a smart decision regarding your casino wallet.

Here is where you will find all about:

  • Limits that can affect you directly (betting, cashout, and timeframe)
  • The imposed requirements to make a successful withdrawal request
  • Payment and gaming options that are available
  • Promo code you need to claim an offer

This is not all! Here, you get the chance to know, in short, how to benefit from and, also, what to look after within that specific casino.

  • Casino Guides

Casino Guides

To help you make an informed decision you must know and understand how the Irish gambling industry works and how to keep yourself within safe limits.

Our guides are not dedicated on a single subject. We divide each one based on:

  1. Player guides
  2. Legal Guides
  3. Guides on Gambling Addiction

We know that no matter how experienced you may be when it comes to gambling you always need a fresh perspective. We’re here to give it to you and educate you for the better.

Our team remains informed on the games Irish users prefer, such as poker and other online casino games. We ensure that Irish customers are up to date with any rules and variants that may help them make better and safer gambling decisions.

Blog Posts

First and foremost, iGaming is an entertainment industry. We want to continue this goal by delivering texts that explain the latest trends and eye-catching topics around gambling and betting.

Using our team’s knowledge and experience in the fast-paced world of mass media, we know what you want to read & discover.

And who to trust best than legit gamblers with years of experience?

Career opportunities

Career opportunities

At CasinoAlpha Ireland, you can bring your best every day.

We embrace those who want to guide others into making a better decision and elevate the persons around them. No matter the race, sex, national origin, age, or origin, you are invited to join us on our journey and make the gambling world a better world.

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