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What Are The Most Popular Esports Games In 2023?

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Our article will show you everything about the most popular esports games in 2023 and find out the best features of each game.

Rank Game Launched Players Tournaments Pro Teams Betting
1 LoL 2009 125 millions / month 6 200+ Yes
2 DotA 2 2013 7.6 millions / month 10 51 Yes
3 CS:GO 2012 500.000 / month 10 100+ Yes
4 FIFA 22 2021 100.000 / month 5 20+ Yes


We are experts in the niche of online casinos, which can differ from the eGaming industry in some aspects. However, our authors employ our research skills and related expertise to provide only quality pieces of information. Every game included in our list is produced by trustworthy brands, so players can enjoy a safe gaming environment.

2023’s powerhouse esports games: a sneak peek into each thrilling title

Special game features may include:

  • Ranking
  • Betting options
  • Different multiplayer options
  • Rich lore
  • Highly realistic graphics, etc.

From titles on various themes like football, cars, RPGs and shooting games, the esports scene is indeed suitable for every kind of player. Let’s see exactly what each title we’ve ranked amongst the most popular esports games 2023 has to offer!

How we’ve made our selection

We followed the same criteria we use when selecting top online Ireland casinos. The titles we’ve chosen to be featured in our top with the most popular esports games are all legal esports, with a professional league, numerous players and existing competitions.

League Of Legends

League of Legends Source:

Game Details Data
Esports discipline Yes
Rank 1
Developer Riot Games
Monthly players 125 million
Betting options Sportbetting websites, Online Casinos

League Of Legends, also referred to as LoL, is available for PC only, which is quite unfortunate for console gamers who have been anticipating this title ever since it was released 9 years ago.

A complex and very competitive dynamic

  • LoL follows two teams, each formed of five players
  • The teams are fighting for occupying and defending their own half of the map
  • Each player has his own champion, with a unique set of abilities and powers

Its great impact

LoL’s spread popularity has led to the appearance of several professional players and teams in the industry, but also to a high number of events, tournaments and sponsors. Usually, the LoL events take place in big arenas, where a large group of spectators (40.000+) are watching and cheering for their favorite team.

This esports title is very popular in sports betting, where a lot of bookmakers have this market on their websites.


Dota 2 Source:

Game Details Data
Esports discipline Yes
Rank 2
Developer Valve Monthly
Monthly players 7.6 million
Betting options Sportbetting websites, Online Casinos

DotA2 has a very long and complex history:

  • The title was published in 2013 for both Windows and Linux platforms
  • DotA 2 uses a Source 2 Engine
  • It’s one of the most popular games that Valve released on the market, being included in several online tops featuring the most popular esports games

Gameplay setting

  • Similar to League Of Legends, DotA is played between two teams, with each of them consisting of 5 participants
  • The match is played on a map, where the main goal for both teams is to defend their own part of the map, and successfully occupy the territory of their opponents
  • Usually, the matches are very entertaining, with a lot of duels and fights taking place between the players

The International

The most popular competition in DotA 2 is called “The International”, widely known for the tournaments that offer some of the biggest prizepools in the industry. In the last year’s event, the organization team offered more than 40 millions for the best teams in the world.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Source:

Game Details Data
Esports discipline Yes
Rank 3
Developer Valve
Monthly players 500.000
Betting options Sportbetting websites, Online Casinos

CS:GO is a multiplayer first-person shooter, known as the golden child of Valve, the developing company.

This title was released in 2012 and it is the fourth game in the series, and currently the most popular.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive is available for all gaming platforms – Windows, Linux, PlayStation and Xbox.

The game’s main basis

The game features two opposite teams, known as Terrorist and Counter-Terrorists. Each team consists of 5 players while having two different objectives:

  • The Terrorists’ main objective is planting a bomb and defending it until exploding
  • The Counter-Terrorists need to attempt to stop them or defuse use in time


Fifa 22 Source:

Game Details Data
Esports discipline Yes
Rank 4
Developer EA Sports
Monthly players 100.000
Betting options Sportbetting websites, Online Casinos

Another developers’ gem

FIFA is the most popular football simulator in the video games world, being released by Electronic Arts. Because of the great popularity of sports games, the company decided to establish a special division called EA Sports.

The game was released in 2021, and it’s available for:

  • Windows
  • Nintendo
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox

Also, the next-geneneration consoles like PS5 & Xbox Series X/S offer this title rented in Full HD and top quality.

The ultimate game mode

When we talk about electronic sports and FIFA, Ultimate Team should be mentioned. This game mode allows players to build their own team and play against all kinds of opponents.

What esports game is the most popular?

What eSports game is the most popular

It’s official. After analyzing the events, number of players and the overall traffic, League Of Legends is by far the most popular game in esports at the moment.

But, what does League Of Legends have to offer that all the other games lack, and why is it played by so many people all over the world?

League of Legends boasts great diversity in terms of gameplay options

League Of Legends is a title you won’t easily get bored of, and that is mostly because of the diverse content that developers offer.

The multiplayer game has around 150 champions that you can choose from, and 10 maps you can explore.

Great marketing is the key to success

The constant popularity of the game can also be linked to the great level of free publicity it receives from online streamers.

The title is the most-watched game featured on Twitch, a popular streaming platform.

A live game from League Of Legends can bring up to 1.000.000 viewers live.

So, the most popular esports game in 2023 is, for sure, League Of Legends.

You can try it out following the next steps:

  1. Go to League Of Legends’ official website.
  2. Register with your name, e-mail, game account & password.
  3. Download the game
  4. Log-in & Play

The game can be played for free on Windows.

Future esports gems: predictions for the next big games


NBA 2K Source:

NBA 2K is the most famous basketball simulator developed by EA Sports, available for all gaming platforms, including:

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • PC

The dynamic of the game looks natural when rented in Full HD.

NBA 2K League

  • The most important competition linked to this title is NBA 2K League, which has been taking place for 4 years already
  • In this league, there are a number of 21 teams
  • The league has a 15-week season, with 3 tournaments and a tempting prize pool for the gamers

We’re talking about $900.000 for the playoff, while the winning team goes home with no less than $420.000.

Rocket League

Rocket League Source:

Rocket League is another emblematic title in the esports field, and its popularity only keeps growing as more loyal players are spreading the word about its several unique features.

The game boasts gorgeous graphics and a great level of entertainment, offering players access to numerous in-game competitions.

A great mixture of sports and racing

Rocket League could be shortly described as a game of soccer with rocket cars. It is a highly competitive game, with two teams competing against one another to score as many goals as they can, while defending their side of the field.

The first esports tournament for this game was Rocket League Championship Series, which took place in 2016.

Six editions later, the prize pools for future winners can reach almost half a million dollars.


Overwatch Source:

Released in 2016 by Blizzard, Overwatch is definitely one of the most popular first-person shooter games in the esports community.

The players can choose from three pre-made heroes:

  • Tank Hero
  • Damage Hero
  • Support Hero

Each character has its own set of unique skills and abilities that can offer gamers exciting advantages during gameplay.


The Overwatch League, also known as OWL, started in 2018 and it currently has no less than 20 professional teams fighting for a big prize pool.

The format of the competition is quite different in comparison to other esports tournaments, and that’s because every team carries the name of the city it is located in.

A foreseeable success

When the league first started take place, one could easily anticipate the great impact it will have on the esports community. The inaugural season already featured a $3.5 million prize pool offered to the best teams, which grew to $5 million for the next events.

Game on, for free: how to watch esports without breaking the bank

How to watch eSports for free

There are many platforms where you can watch the most popular esports games in 2023, but, without any doubt, the most popular is Twitch.

On this website, you can find several popular games, and some of them are even commented on by Irish sports commentators.

But what is Twitch?

Twitch is a platform for live video streaming, where you can find games and streamers for any highly popular title. The website offers access to full HD content and is free to use, much like many of the best Live dealer casino lobbies that allow a free sneak pic of the game table as long as you don’t participate.

You can watch esports games streaming sessions without any registration, but having an account does offer countless benefits to users.

For instance

You can chat with other gamers and offer your support for your favorite team through likes. Additionally, you have the option to send a tip to a streamer in order to share your gratitude for learning a new trick that you can use during your playing sessions.

Unveiling esports diversity: MOBA, shootings, and sports dominate

Diversity is the key, so it only makes sense that the most popular esports games in 2023 include all kinds of games, so each player can find its ideal match.

From MOBA titles like League Of Legends and DotA 2 and football games like FIFA and Rocket League, to Shooter Games like Counter-Strike Global: Offensive and Overwatch, players certainly have a wide range of options to choose from.

What’s your favourite?

Would you add any other game to our ranking? Tell us about your favourite game in the comments section!



What are the most popular esports games in 2023?

The most popular esports games in 2023 are: League of Legends, DotA2, CS:GO, and Fifa 22.

What esports game is the most popular?

League of Legends is by far the most popular esports game in 2023, with almost 125 million active players each month.

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