2022 Gambling Horoscope

2022 Gambling Horoscope: Who Wins & Who Loses?

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CasinoAlpha Ireland looked into the star predictions and came up with a 2022 casino horoscope for every star sign.

Are you going to be lucky? Want to know what games and bets to avoid? We got all the answers.

Here we reveal the stars of the future: what predictions we made and what they might mean for your gambling or your money. Also, the horoscope signs that we believe will be the best for playing the tables.

Aries gambling horoscope

Aries gambling horoscope

Hot-headed and always up for a challenge, the zodiac’s baby will have to be careful about decision making. 2022’s bets can make or break a fate landmark!

Aries casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Who’s an Aries? People born within the days March 21 – April 19
2022 Aries lucky numbers 3, 66, 67, 88
Unlucky numbers 4, 8, 39, 52
Recommended games Dragon Tiger, Caribbean Stud Poker
Lucky colours Burgundy, jet Black, dusty Pink
Unlucky colours Bright yellow, dusty green, earthy brown
Good luck charms Ruby jewellery, snake charms

After a slow start, prepare for big investments

Saturn will have a slow transition in Capricorn for the first 4 months of the next year, making life slow-paced.

That can be frustrating for Aries gamblers. We recommend perseverance and patience.

Did you know that Saturn governs karma?

In Vedic beliefs, Saturn is the planet that purges past baggage from the past to allow other forces to push through.

After April, significant investments are on the horizon for the Rams. Yes, casino wins are highly likely but make sure you keep your money afterwards by investing it.

Any dealing with precious metals or stones will go your way.

Your best solution is to learn how to budget

A streak of casino wins will make it hard to keep your emotions in check.

That is why, out of the multiple CasinoAlpha Ireland responsible gambling strategies, we believe budgeting will be the most useful to Aries.


Gambling budgets are derived by extracting what you can afford for your hobbies and taking one-third of that sum. Any overspending may become problematic.

Both Venus and Mercury will transit Aquarius in March, making it easier for Aries to make wise financial decisions regarding bets, including high-roller marks.

This extends up to September, when Jupiter, the planet that rules big investments, wealth and terrestrial movements, makes a turn in Aries Houses.

It creates a beneficial status to travel and play at any of the 107 casino resorts we have analysed and rated for Irish players.

Jupiter’s money wit will make it easier for you to handle casino income, even abroad.

What games will be the best for you?

Given your feisty nature, casino games that have a fast pace and need fewer strategies are your perfect fit.

Even if we’re talking about the best online live casinos titles or table games, the CasinoAlpha Ireland directories got you covered with dozens of offers pre-tested and verified by our expert gamblers.

Lucky days for Aries in 2022

Day Advice to put into practice
Monday, January 3 It’s a new year, time to set casino resolutions!
Thursday, January 27 Our predictions say that you’ll win Poker games.
Monday, January 26 Boxing Day is great to consult online casino bonuses.

Taurus gambling horoscope

Taurus gambling horoscope

These spring Venus-ruled natives will have luck all year round in 2022. But what are the details? What plans should you have?

Taurus casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Who’s a Taurus? Anyone born between April 20 to May 20
Lucky numbers 9, 52, 33, 11
Unlucky numbers 1, 27, 80, 82
Best games French Roulette, Fruit Slots
Lucky colours Gold, deep purple, maroon
Unlucky colours Honeydew yellow, lavender, silver
Best charms for Taurus gambling horoscope Four-leaf clover pendants, gold coins

Experimenting with new games is the key

People with the Sun in Taurus need to have courage in 2022 to try games that are not in their comfort zone.

Career changes may land you in casinos!

Movements in the Tenth and Twelve Houses (related to careers and life goals) show that Taurens might change their job to something more outside the box. Does being a professional casino dealer sound appealing?

If you are a beginner gambler, we have the best advice so you can become better in no time!

What not to do if you have gambler friends

Taurus gambling horoscope warns them to not enable people around them to gamble too much.

Venus will move from the electrifying Aquarius in March to a more dream-like Pisces in April. So, take care of your money by not spreading it around to others. And take care of friends who don’t know where to stop.


Suppose someone close to you is struggling to keep their spending and playing-related emotional exhaustion in check. In that case, they can rely on our guide on how to stay in control of gambling activities.

Planets that affect your casino play

Let’s make a summary of the transitions of 2022:

  • Jupiter enters Pisces, and you’ll have ease in resolving tense bets;
  • Saturn in Aquarius will bring you more tense situations, like All In bets, that you’ll solve with ease;
  • When Mars enters your sign (July), your pleasures take the wheel, so remember to be balanced;
  • When Mercury starts his backtrack, your experience with an online casino may glitch. Same with Jupiter.

Lucky days for Taurus in 2022

Day Advice to put into practice
Wednesday, March 16 Pisces season will lend you chances on slots.
Saturday, May 14 This is an excellent day to try a new game you’ve never played before.
Sunday, August 7 Get together with your friends and visit a casino!

Gemini gambling horoscope

Gemini gambling horoscope

Gemini natives are in for a wild ride when it comes to their casino play in 2022!

Gemini casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Who’s a Gemini? Birthdays between May 21 and June 21
Lucky numbers 6, 85, 88, 95
Unlucky numbers 3, 44, 71, 75
Best choice of games Jackpot slots, Sic Bo
Lucky colours Sunflower yellow, neon blue, pastel pink
Unlucky colours Concrete grey, dusty mauve, rust
Best charms to increase your luck Windchimes, rainbows

If you keep calm, you’ll be a winner

January, February, and March will be on your side, as wins are likely. But if you get too proud, you might affect yourself negatively. So, our advice? Don’t boast about your victories too much! Be humble!


A zodiac is not complete without a soundtrack! Then, we have prepared 4 casino playlists for all tastes in music and games.

In June, things may change a little. Casino income is still likely, but more risks arise. You need to exercise a better monetary judgement. Your budget will stay consistent, but your spending may be higher and sometimes even scarier.

Here’s what to do:

  • Avoid high-roller bets since they are high expenses.
  • Consult a friend or a family member if you have doubts about your spending.

Planetary movements

In the span of fewer than 3 months, Mercury, the Sun, and a New Moon will enter your sign. The powerful energy may be intimidating, but you know how to handle that.

Jupiter enters the 10th house

New prosperity chance come around. You will be luckier than your opponents, other players or dealers.

You have the ability to create a new freelance opportunity in the iGaming domain. Prepare yourself in all the details you have to know about how online casinos work from our deep-dive analysis.

Unexpected twists appear in:

  • April;
  • July;
  • October;
  • November.

Lucky days for Gemini in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Saturday, July 2 You might find a new love interest at the Blackjack table.
Sunday, July 17 You can bet small sums on slots for a chance at a jackpot.
Tuesdays, November 15 A Water sign will get into a casino, and you’ll have the time of your life.

Cancer gambling horoscope

Cancer gambling horoscope

It is the year to learn to go through with all your casino financial wishes. Here’s how!

Cancer casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Who’s a Cancer? Folks between June 22 to July 22
Lucky numbers 4, 36, 40, 52
Unlucky numbers 7, 15, 37, 63,
Games we recommend Blackjack, Video Poker
Lucky colours Gold, seafoam blue, off-white
Unlucky colours Grape purple, pale silver, orange
Charms to have on you Silver rings, moonstone necklaces

Your New Year’s resolution: make a budget!

We consulted the planetary movement that will change your destiny next year. We’ve found that your best choice is to budget smartly.

The CasinoAlpha Ireland example of a well-made budget

Casino spending needs to be around 10% of your entertainment money, which is what is left after you’ve paid your bills and added to your economies.

Another innovative strategy to implement, especially in the first 6 months, is not to lend others money, especially if they want to fund risky investments (like crypto or NFTs).

Does that sound familiar?

If our fellow Cancer folk have been dealing with financial ruffs with others, they should be wise and keep their funds to themselves.

Use the CasinoAlpha Ireland advice to be safe while gambling

  • If you are a typical Cancer and are not good with numbers, budget with apps that calculate your spending for you;
  • High risks are not the best pick, so you should stick to more player-friendly games, like Blackjack or Poker;
  • Listen to the advice of experts from CasinoAlpha to get to know the best online casino bonuses Ireland!

When to avoid chance games?

After March 25 and even up to the middle of April, Mars transitions may arise conflicts in your inner circle. Those are not moments to unwind while betting in any way.

The same goes for the Mercury Retrograde (including pre-shadow and post-shadow phases) period around May, bringing technological drawbacks.

Also, only seasoned Irish players should play with high-roller bets when Jupiter transits Aquarius until April 13.

Overseas gambling may surprise you!

If you’ve been looking for a place to move and start anew, 2022 is a perfect time. In your new location, gambling will allow you to change your reputation for the better.

Lucky days for Cancer in 2022

Day Advice to put into practice
Sunday, September 4 Try a new online casino that you’ve never tried before!
Saturday, September 24 It is a good day to learn the rules of a new Poker variant.
Wednesday, November 16 Choose a sign up bonus no deposit offer from us and see what happens!

Leo gambling horoscope

Leo gambling horoscope

The Sun children are usually the favourites of the zodiac since they know how to balance hard work and taking risks. Is 2022 going to be successful too?

Leo casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Who’s a Leo? The ones born between July 23 to August 22
Lucky numbers 5, 14, 95
Unlucky numbers 8, 54, 80
Games we recommend Texas Hold’em, Casino Game shows
Lucky colours Pumpkin orange, beige, burgundy
Unlucky colours Dusty mauve, forest green, cyan
Charms to have on you Gold rings, natural trinkets

Think before you bet

We are aware that even the stingiest of Leo love comfort, while the most out-there people are very luxurious-prone.

But even if your instinct inclines you to go on the route of high rollers, you need to get smarter with your bets in 2022.

Luck can come to you in decent amounts, as per our personalised gambling horoscope. Still, you need to be very strategic when you bet.

How can Leos become smarter gamblers?

Irish players need to make bets as large as your experience on those games is. Thus, if you are a newbie on Roulette, start with stakes that do not exceed a few pounds.

Also, be cautious to not spend too lavishly on your online casino of choice.


The best online casinos have multiple tools to monitor your transactions and time spent online and playing.

Calendar of vivid Leo gambling horoscope events

  1. In April, your hedonistic tendencies may be overly sensitive at the cusp of the Aries and Taurus seasons. That might increase your chance of spending too much. Be careful!;
  2. January to September, the money flow from your gaming can be consistent, especially if you decide to try out new casinos online Ireland;
  3. In December, besides the usual holiday cheer, you will get a good mood, which is advisable for bets!.

Take constant breaks from bets!

The best choice for gamblers is to balance their sessions with long off-times, especially to charge while spending time with family, friends, and peers.

The stars say that besides the detailed gambling horoscope, 2022 is a good time to start new long-term friendships.

Lucky days for Leo in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Tuesday, April 19 Take one chance and try out something new when you play that day!
Monday, May 2 Organise a fancy dinner and card game.
Monday, July 25 Take your best friend with you to the Roulette game.

Virgo gambling horoscope

Virgo gambling horoscope

Mercurians on the Earth element side need to be careful with risks since the odds of winning to losing are 50%-50%!

Virgo casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Virgo dates Days between August 23 to September 22
Lucky numbers 4, 21, 57
Unlucky numbers 6, 16, 86
Games we recommend Baccarat, Bingo
Lucky colours Baby pink, deep maroon, avocado green
Unlucky colours Magenta, earth brown, ashy grey
Charms to have on you Religious symbols, rabbit’s foot charm

Don’t give up. Just be careful!

The outcomes of casino games can be very volatile, so you need to dose your plays safely. This works with your character, as you’re probably not the most risk-loving person.

The help that you need to make decisions may be closer than you think. For emotional support, you can count on your immediate family and friends. For valuable and practical advice, lean on the experts of CasinoAlpha Ireland!

Trust your gut feelings!

You might tend to dismiss your instincts. But your analytical Mercury mind works extra hard in the background, lending you a lot of wisdom. Listen to it while playing!

Casino wins only come after hard work!

If you feel a lot of pressure to keep your budget at the limits you’re used to, don’t worry! That is just the tension of Mercury’s and Mars’ transitions.

It dissipates if you choose to play casino games as a way of relaxing after long days of hard work. That way, you’re more likely to approach a profit.


Gambling needs to be perceived and conducted as a hobby, and everything outside that realm is excessive. CasinoAlpha Ireland advocates for healthy limits and encourages Irish players to stay safe by guiding them in the right direction.

January to September: caution needed

Your finances may need extra attention. If you are struggling financially in any capacity, do not engage in any bets. These are not meant to be financial aids or solutions of any kind!

Keep track of the places where you spend the most and be careful with deals!

Odds of wins

CasinoAlpha Ireland is here to help table game enthusiasts by teaching them the math behind Blackjack odds and Roulette odds. Educated gamblers are the wisest!

Jupiter and Saturn dealings vs your journey

Your Irish casino horoscope shows us that you can try lottery and bingo draws that do not cost much.

When Jupiter transits specific spaces, May 10 and December 20, your deficits will increase.

However, Saturn transits, namely those in Saturn retrograde in February and June, will bring good fortune.

Lucky days for Virgo in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Wednesday, January 5 Capricorn energy will give you a good vibe.
Wednesday, July 27 Take the time to learn a new casino game.
Friday, December 30 Some seasonal offers are waiting for you.

Libra gambling horoscope

Libra gambling horoscope

Venusians will be the leaders in their social circles, but will that be the case for the casino horoscope?

Libra casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
You’re a Libra if… …you’re born starting with September 23 and up to October 23
Lucky numbers 7, 47, 86
Unlucky numbers 3, 43, 93
Games we recommend French Roulette, Progressive slots
Lucky colours Metal grey, honey-yellow, rose gold
Unlucky colours Red wine, plum purple, black
Charms to have on you Angel charms, diamond jewellery

Plan your casino games

We don’t mean to scare you somehow, but your finances might be erratic, particularly after the end of June.

To be able to enjoy casino games, Irish players need to plan their sessions. Decide in time:

  • How much you’ll spend;
  • How much time it will take;
  • A moment to end.

You will be naturally discreet regarding your money, so you don’t need to worry excessively about how you act.


The CasinoAlpha Ireland experts have dozens of strategies to spend less. One of the easiest is to sign up and use the options from minimum deposit casinos, like the ones featured in our €1 deposit casino Ireland selection.

The stars show us that you can try to tickle your ego by taking big risks in front of your peers. Avoid that!

July to December: a good period for gamblers

In the second part of the year, your chances will be more positive, with August being the height of the period. You will also feel calmness around the times you make bets.

Your wins should be partially transferred to a savings fund, which is particularly likely to come from slot games.

In December, gambling and vacationing will be the most likely activities that will replace the mundane day to day.

A destiny cycle is about to open up

For the Libra natives that have been feeling stuck in a rut for the last couple of years, things may be shaken up unexpectedly.

If you spend time in a casino or playing on online sites, the sudden change may come from your gaming session.

Do not miss out on important karmic moments! Our advice is to “keep moving”. If you’ve been playing for one hour, log out. If you haven’t played in weeks, do it lightly.

Libra lucky days in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Tuesday, March 15 It is a good day to explore no wagering casinos.
Friday, April 29 Play your favourite game today and see what happens!
Friday, June 3 It is time to give scratch cards a chance.

Scorpio gambling horoscope

Scorpio gambling horoscope

Multiple planets that will make it hard for other sun signs will bring you good fortune and good vibes in your casino horoscope. Let’s explore this good karma!

Scorpio casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Scorpio birthdays are between… … October 23 to November 21
Lucky numbers 8, 39, 53
Unlucky numbers 6, 47, 88
Games we recommend Jacks or Better, Sic Bo
Lucky colours White, blood red, taupe
Unlucky colours Mint green, cherry pink, lime green
Charms to have on you Fancy clothes, elephant charms

What’s the next year look like?

Here’s an overview of the planets and moments that will stand out:

  • Jupiter will make your sign luckier in career, love, and casino matters.
  • Saturn will give you a solid calmness that will make you focus on your goals.
  • January through April, you will feel a pronounced need to be lavish.
  • June and July are the times when you need to avoid having debt of any kind.


The CasinoAlpha Ireland investigations into your casino horoscope have shown us that some expenses will be health-related. Make sure to follow our gambling addiction tab to avoid health issues from gaming!

What does Jupiter in your 4th house mean?

You will get chances to finish investments that have been unlikely until now.

You might get a new house or help your family with the sums that they need. On the gambling side, jackpot wins are more likely than in 2021.

Planets that work in your favour

Here is the planetary quartet that will affect your look, along with the explanations:

  1. Jupiter will make Scorpios luckier than before;
  2. Venus will affect your need for comfort;
  3. Mercury will make you both more ambitious and more reckless;
  4. Saturn will make you more disciplined than before.

If your casino sessions end in sums you did not expect, don’t use those results for further play. Stop your session and reinvest the money into something practical that you need.

Lucky days for Scorpio in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Saturday, February 26 Play games with your friends and get to know them more.
Wednesday, May 25 Try your luck at a national lottery draw.
Friday, November 4 It’s Scorpio season! What about a casino themed birthday party?

Sagittarius gambling horoscope

Sagittarius gambling horoscope

2022 will bring you some thrilling moments in your close relationships, some involving travelling. Let’s see if those forces will be suitable for your gambling sessions.

Sagittarius casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Sagittarius birthdays are between November 22 to December 21
Lucky numbers 4, 25, 79
Unlucky numbers 1, 66, 69
Games we recommend Fruit slots, Blackjack
Lucky colours Sky blue, deep brown, glow pink
Unlucky colours Silver, rose taupe, orchid pink
Charms to have on you National flags, overseas souvenirs

You’re looking for new hobbies

Sagittarius people will feel the usual boredom of calm days and will look for new things to do. Forces in the sky say that your new interest can be a casino game or a new type of casino offer.

You will need stimulation. That is why we have studied and completed a conclusion that you can explore new slot sites.

Why should you do that?

Whether you are knowledgeable of casino games or have just started gaming, slot machines are easy to get a grip of. Video slots also have a lot of imagery and sounds, so they are pretty engaging.

Irish players have financial luck this year

If you have been disciplined in the way you work and the way you spend in the last years, the starts will reward you with a flowy income source. It can be from both work and casino sessions.

You will also get signals to reinvest what you earn them. Don’t ignore them!


Sagittarius will have some challenging moments in their personal affairs. During those times, casino sessions are not recommended.

January may be filled with tension, and February is the time to solve it and learn from it.

Jupiter in Aquarius effects

The intense energy of your Ruler planet may bring you financial luck, as we’ve said, but it will also make you eager to change your career path. If your finances are not flowing equally, don’t gamble!

Venus positions

Venus, the ruler of beauty, love and riches, will have a good position in your chart from March to November. So, all these fronts should be positively affected, including gaming wins.

However, you must e careful to not listen to the advice of anyone but the CasinoAlpha Ireland experts!

In April and June, you might see an influx of people trying to scam you, but worry not because we instruct you on avoiding online casino scams!

A tip for Irish players!

Jupiter in your 11th house may result in you receiving sums of money you have not expected previously. First, clear any existing debt, make some economies, and only then spend on your hobbies.

Lucky days for Sagittarius in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Wednesday, August 24 Try a new online casino from us. You won’t regret it!
Friday, September 2 Make a small bet on a game you’ve never played before.
Saturday, December 10 Pair your slots play with casino free spins

Capricorn gambling horoscope

Capricorn gambling horoscope

Saturn-driven people are known to be calm, ambitious and life-enjoyers. In 2022, your casino sessions will be supported by your strong features.

Capricorn casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Capricorn dates December 22 to January 19
Lucky numbers 5, 31, 52
Unlucky numbers 6, 41, 99
Games we recommend Craps, Roulette
Lucky colours Grey, gold, mocha
Unlucky colours Blue, olive green, deep purple
Charms to have on you Eye jewellery, colourful gems

When should you make important decisions?

Until September, it is not necessarily a good idea to make firm decisions, even if your financials will steady be in a comfortable place throughout the year.

Up until May, you will have the best clarity to know what to do with your finances. So, those are the months when you can learn budgeting strategies and game strategies as well.

Basic rules come before strategies

We have completed an easy guide on how to play Roulette, so you know how to start perfecting your gameplay.

You’ll have the tendency to socialise with new people, but not all of them will be a good casino couple for you, so choose wisely.

The good times and the bad times

The total energy is positive, primarily until the first week of July. After mid-July, some worries may appear in your emotional and professional life.

As casino experts, we advise you to play casino games only when you are in a good mood and when you have a set budget.

What aspects are beneficial?

Jupiter is 2022’s main character, so it is no wonder that its energy will affect you. Jupiter will sit in your second house, making your wealth and possessions stronger.

Exploring other aspects you might have

  • Suppose you have an ascendant in a Saturn ruled sign (Capricorn or Aquarius) until March. In that case, you have more opportunities to earn money;
  • The Fire Sign ascendents will have more effective results from April through August;
  • If you are a Scorpio Pluto generation, then you can start learning a new casino game.


We know Capricorns are protective of their funds, so their safest net is to play on the best payout casinos that we’ve discovered so far.

Lucky days for Capricorn in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Wednesday, February 9 Make your budget and play safely!
Saturday, November 5 It is a good time to play Craps.
Tuesday, December 6 Take a look at our curated bonuses and pick one that looks good to you.

Aquarius gambling horoscope

Aquarius gambling horoscope

You might feel challenged this year, but we tell you when your best moments are and how to handle the difficult ones!

Concepts Applied facts
You’re an Aquarius if You were born between January 20 and February 18
Lucky numbers 10, 50, 89
Unlucky numbers 3, 27, 98
Games we recommend French Roulette, Scratch cards
Lucky colours Off-white, grey, baby blue
Unlucky colours Citrine yellow, grape purple, black
Charms to have on you Ladybugs, green stones

You first need to solve your struggles

Your casino horoscope will not end on a good note if you continue to ignore the signs that your mental and physical health may be in danger.

Only after you assess your health and decide that you are in a good place can you focus on casino games.

On that front, 2022 is friendly for you

You will be successful, and the fruits of your labour will be visible to you and your peers.

Your casino horoscope also tells you that you might be fortunate enough to travel and discover new casinos.

Don’t know where to go?

We have completed a long itinerary of 17 European casinos that gamblers must visit at least once in their lifetime!

Things that we recommend you pay attention to:

  1. Don’t get carried away and overspend, especially when it comes to your bets;
  2. Take care of the people who are near to you that will try to drag you down. You have a lot of hidden rivals;
  3. Your money may expand after the end of March if you make the right decisions;
  4. The employed people may receive bonuses from their job that were not expected at the beginning of the year.

Don’t make rash decisions!

You might get a strong feeling to change your job at the end of the fall. If you do not have a plan, don’t do it.

The same sentiment goes for your play. If you don’t have all your steps completed, don’t try to give up a bonus or choose to completely bail on the online casinos you’ve already chosen!

Lucky days for Aquarius in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Thursday, May 5 You can be lucky if you know your limits.
Sunday, June 19 It is a proper day to play some slot rounds.
Monday, November 14 Try a game that you think you don’t like.

Pisces gambling horoscope

Pisces gambling horoscope

Destiny seems always to favour you. Even when you get in trouble, you get right up on your feet pretty quick. Is that the same in 2022?

Pisces casino horoscope

Concepts Applied facts
Pisces birthdays Any day between February 19 and March 20
Lucky numbers 1, 37, 53
Unlucky numbers 4, 23, 44
Games we recommend Sic bo, Progressive slots
Lucky colours Baby pink, lavender, ocean blue
Unlucky colours Bright orange, carmine red, sunflower yellow
Charms to have on you Butterfly charms, glitter

How will your wins look like?

Some of you might be anxious by nature and not very keen on making big bets.

Having a reserved character when it comes to your games may be wise, considering that 2021 was kind of uncertain.

But we can assure you that 2022 will look much better in terms of your general money flow, including casino wins.

Where will your funds come from?

Pisces will seriously look into finding sources of passive income. Those might be the fuel for your bets.

How will the year progress?

January may start with a weird overall vine that might make you shy away from casinos. The energy changes until March, past your own season, when you will get a knack for such activities.

A good flow of money progresses all around

You won’t have much stress related to your plays or outcomes since the stars are generous with your sign this year.

However, you need to maintain the rules of frequent breaks and respect your limits when it comes to budgets.

It is much easier to monitor your casino receipts now more than ever. Casinos that possess the Irish Betting License issued by the Revenue Commissioners give you opportunities to use the self-limits tools.

When should you be careful?

In November and December, you might encounter some chaotic times. We advise you to have plans on all your spending, including the usual holidays’ gift buying.

A new skill on the horizon

Your casino horoscope tells us that you will gain a new skill. Maybe it’s exercising your luck on our list of Blackjack sites. Who knows, it’s all up to you?

Generally speaking, your networking and social skills will get a boost next year.

Lucky days for Pisces in 2022

Days Advice to put into practice
Monday, March 21 Organise a night of casino games with friends.
Tuesday, August 23 Make small bets on slot games and see what happens!
Tuesday, October 11 Do not skip the budgeting part of your play!

2022 casino horoscope essentials

2022 casino horoscope essentials

We have covered all 12 sun signs and how their casino horoscope will evolve from January to December in 2022.

Even though most casino horoscope type texts focus on your birthday and what sun sign you fall in following it, we can give you an inside tip.

Astrology insights!

Every person has multiple placements in their natal chart. If you feel like one placement affects you more than your sun sign, you can read the special section we wrote and combine the ideas and advice.

No matter how knowledgeable you are in casino games or Western astrology, we will leave you with details that will always help you.

CasinoAlpha Ireland final advice for 2022

  • Only play on online casinos that hold an Irish Betting License issued by Revenue Commissioners, and CasinoAlpha Ireland rated and approved;
  • Your first tries need to be of low amounts, no matter if you are experienced or not;
  • Make sure you listen to expert advice, especially on matters you do not know that well;
  • You can try out games, but you need to be careful with how to proceed.

Play safe always!

Anca Iamandi
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