How to Access Exclusive Live Dealer Tables

4 Steps To Gain Access to Exclusive Live Casino Tables & Win

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To access live dealer casino tables in Ireland, you need to pursue the right tables and the right strategies. Use our expert guide for a simple 4-step process.

How to Access Exclusive Live Dealer Casino Tables in 4 Steps

Step 1: Understand How Exclusive Live Dealer Tables Work

Exclusive live dealer tables function as part of the loyalty programmes of Irish live casino sites where only VIP members can enter. Essentially, it is a reward to be able to access them.

Just like regular live casino games, they are based on a broadcasting technology that sends a live transmissions of a human dealer who uses real cards, roulette wheels, dice and other gaming equipment and takes bets in real time.

Exclusive Live Dealer Tables Also Offer:

  • Better wagering limits
  • A wider variety of paytables
  • Faster payments processing
  • More flexible deposits and withdrawals
  • A wide variety of bonuses and prizes

You can only enter exclusive live games if you:

  • Have been a long-time member of the live casino
  • Reached the required tier in the VIP programme
  • Have been referred by other players
  • Meet other requirements for access

Popular Live Dealer Exclusive Games

The most popular live dealer exclusive games include:

  • VIP Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming, available at most legitimate Roulette sites in Ireland
  • Blackjack Platinum by Evolution Gaming, which has a higher RTP than most live Blackjack games
  • Live VIP Baccarat by Playtech Live, available everywhere in Europe, including the Irish Baccarat casino sites we tested and selected
  • VIP Blackjack 2 Ruby – Pragmatic Play Live, with an RTP of 99.59%
  • Live Craps by VIVO, a rarer title which we did not often find when testing live craps casinos for our recent selection update

One of the best private live casino lobbies in the world is Evolution’s Salon Prive, with 5 single player private tables, 2 for Roulette and 3 for Blackjack.

Step 2: Pick the Right Type of Exclusive Live Dealer Tables

To access exclusive live dealer tables, it’s important to understand what types are available so that you know which requirements you are able to fulfill.

Here’s an overview of the main types of exclusive live casino tables and what each implies:

VIP Tables

VIP tables are a part of loyalty programmes. They are only accessible to VIP casino members who reach a specific level of loyalty based on their gameplay.

At VIP levels, you will find higher betting limits, personalized services, and other benefits such as exclusive promotions and bonuses.

Private Tables

Private tables are designed to offer you a more customized experience. With private tables, you may play exclusive live dealer games with friends, family, or business associates in a private setting.

The only way to access such tables is through an invitation and through the approval of the live casino operator.

Branded Tables

Branded tables are exclusive promotional tables meant to provide a customized experience around specific brands.

The brands promoted through such tables are renowned software providers and popular casino brands, sports teams or even movie franchises.

Because they are usually sponsored by well-known developers, such tables usually come with higher quality of graphics, better transmissions, and more customizable features.

Look for branded tables at specific online casinos that hold exclusive live events. To access them, you must meet specific criteria.

High-Roller Tables

High-roller tables are the right choice if you are looking to bet large sums of money.

They usually have very high betting limits, personalized services, and exclusive promotions, to keep you wagering.

Payouts are usually very large, but the games are quite high-risk and require strategy.

Most Blackjack casinos we selected provide high-roller tables because this game has complicated betting patterns and requires a combination of skill and chance.

Step 3: Take the Right Actions

Once you’ve decided which tables are suitable for you, you need to know which actions will grand you access to them.

In this section, our experts explain exactly the moves you need to make to gain access to the specific type of exclusive live tables you need.

Meet the Specialized Requirements

You need to meet specialized requirements when you want to access VIP tables, branded and high-roller live dealer tables.

The usual requirements for such tables include:

  • A higher minimum deposit than the amount required for access to regular casino products
  • A specific amount of time spent playing over a fixed period such as a week, a month, 3 or 6 months
  • A specific total amount of money wagered at the online casino providing the live dealer tables
  • Reaching a certain level within the VIP programme, if applicable. This may also require achieving a number of comp points, depending on the casino you play at

Join VIP Programmes

By joining the VIP programmes of reliable casinos you can access exclusive live casino tables just by advancing your level.

Some casinos will grant you access through an invitation, based on the activity registered on your account.

Others will allow you to use comp points to enter the programme.

Generally, you can access exclusive live dealer games starting with the second level of the programme. More tables will be available as you upgrade your level.

Play at the Right Live Casinos

Some live casinos will grant you access to exclusive live tables as soon as you register and make a minimum deposit.

These are generally much rarer and are usually specialized online casinos, such as the best Roulette sites in Ireland.

Access to these live dealer casinos requires much higher minimum deposits as a guarantee that you can sustain the expense of playing at exclusive live tables.

Build a Relationship with the Casino

Building a relationship with the casino will show your level of loyalty and grant you quicker access to exclusive live casino tables.

You can easily build this relationship by playing at regular times during the day or during the same days of the week, participating in tournaments, accessing promotions and engaging with customer support regularly.

This tactic only works with casinos that provide loyalty benefits through invitation, based on your account activity, without explicitly providing qualification requirements.

Get a Referral

Gain access to exclusive live dealer tables by having one of your friends, family or acquaintances refer you.

Through a referral, you get instant access to exclusive live tables, and the person who referred you will most likely receive a useful incentive such as a casino bonus or free rounds.

Step 4: Gather the Necessary Resources

We strongly recommend ensuring that, once you have access to live casino tables, you also have the resources to sustain your bets. Without the necessary resources, you stand to lose access indefinitely.

Here are the elements you need to maintain access to exclusive tables:

Well-Planned Funds

You will need a plan for your funds dedicated to betting at exclusive live dealer tables because they have much higher betting limits.

To maintain your access to these tables you must place stakes within the betting limits at fairly regular intervals.

So, to ensure you do not overspend or suddenly run out of money, make sure you plan a dedicated budget and manage it so as to sustain your regular wagers.

A Baseline of Live Dealer Rules & Strategies

You need an appropriate baseline knowledge of the rules and strategies applicable to the live casino games you want to play at exclusive tables because you can only support your budget by having enough wins.

As the bets are quite high in this case, losing frequently can put a big dent on your financial possibility to keep playing.

With a good baseline of rules and strategies, you increase your winning odds, and, by proxy, the possibility to sustain exclusive live casino play.

Dealer Interaction Skills

When playing at exclusive live casino tables, etiquette is essential. Not following the etiquette may be considered as disruptive behaviour and you might lose access to your regular exclusive tables.

Make sure you understand how to interact with the dealer appropriately, when to interfere and ask for tips, and when to place your bets.

As long as you keep your comments polite and considerate, there should be no unsolvable issues.

Socialization Resources

Your interaction with other players is just as important as abiding by the etiquette because you are part of the environment and should help create and maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Being a disruptive influence for this atmosphere will affect your access to exclusive live tables.

Advantages of Accessing Exclusive Live Dealer Tables

Advantages of Accessing Exclusive Live Dealer Tables

  • Much better streaming quality
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Personalized customer service
  • Customizable play
  • Invitations to exclusive tournaments and events
  • Access to physical prizes
  • Enhanced entertainment value

Challenges of Accessing Exclusive Live Dealer Tables

  • Higher minimum bets than regular casinos, which makes access more difficult
  • The limited availability makes it difficult to find an open seat during peak times
  • Strict entry requirements may discourage players

Final Thoughts About Accessing Exclusive Live Dealer Tables

Now you know the main types of exclusive live dealer tables, how they work, how to access them quickly, and how to maintain your access and maximize your winnings at the same time.

Short Recap of How to Access Exclusive Live Dealer Tables

To access exclusive live casino tables, you must:

  1. Understand how exclusive live casino games work
  2. Know the main types of exclusive tables and select the one closest to meeting your needs, budget, or preference
  3. Based on the type of exclusive tables you want to access, take the right actions
  4. Once you secure access to your preferred exclusive live dealer tables, maintain it by taking into account a few important factors

The actions you can take to secure access are:

  • Meet specialized requirements such as a minimum deposit, a minimum of time spent playing, wagering the required amounts, etc
  • Joining VIP programmes and advancing in levels by playing, accumulating comp points, or meeting other necessary criteria
  • Building a relationship with the casino in order to join the VIP programme via invitation and to maintain your VIP status. This can be achieved by practicing regular play and interacting with customer suppor
  • Playing at special casinos that offer access to exclusive live casino tables right after registration. Such casinos require higher minimum deposit and are quite rare to come by, but it is easy to meet their eligibility requirements
  • Getting a friend or an acquaintance to refer you, so you can access exclusive live dealer tables instantly. Such deals will also provide your friend or acquaintance with a bonus or a special benefit

Maintaining access to exclusive live casino sites is easy and requires having a few important resources such as:

  • Enough funds well-planned in advance, so that you can sustain regular high bets
  • Basic knowledge of rules and strategies that apply to the live casino games you want to play at exclusive tables
  • Basic knowledge of etiquette for interacting with the dealer and social skills for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere with the other players


Are exclusive live dealer tables only for high rollers?

Exclusive live dealer tables are not only accessible to high rollers. Even if some of them may require high minimum bets, there are VIP and private tables for a wider range of players, including those with small budgets.

Can I access exclusive live dealer tables from my mobile device?

Many exclusive live casino tables are available on mobile devices. The trick is to verify if the casino providing these games is completely optimized for mobile play on phones, tablets, and other devices.

How is a VIP table different from a private table?

While a VIP table is usually part of a loyalty programme and becomes accessible when you reach a specific level, a private table is accessible without a loyalty programme and can be reserved for a single player or group of players.

How can I gain access to exclusive live dealer tables?

You can raise your chances of accessing exclusive live tables by building a relationship with the live casino, joining a VIP programme, and meeting specialized requirements.

Can I use a strategy to win at exclusive live dealer tables?

You may use any strategy that suits your game style, budget, and game preferences. Just ensure it follows the game rules and the terms and regulations of the live casino you are playing at. While strategies improve your game considerably, please remember they are not a guarantee that you will achieve the desired results.

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