How to Play Multiball Roulette: Strategy Basics

4/10 Players Are Missing Out on These Multiball Roulette Tips

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4 out of 10 players are missing out on essential Multiball Roulette strategies for beginners.

Our experts, Cosmin Brehoi and Tudor Turiceanu, reveal 5 must-know strategies to up your game. Learn how to optimize bet placement, know when to change bets, and maximize winning spins. With these easy tactics, you can take advantage of lucrative bonus multipliers that most rookies overlook. Stop losing and start winning big at Multiball Roulette!

First Time Playing Multiball Roulette?

Multiball is a popular variant of the popular casino table game, roulette. It uses up to 10 balls at the same time, which are usually played using European rules. Using several balls can increase a player’s probability of winning. Multiball is generally more fast-paced than traditional roulette games, as there are more factors to contend with.

Although both games share many similarities, the biggest difference is that players can choose how many balls they think will land on a given number pocket after selecting how many balls will be involved with each hand. All balls spin around the revolving disk simultaneously, which can intensify the gameplay.

Check the Bet Rules & Odds of Multiball Roulette Before You Play

Multiball lets you place the same bets as you would when you play a standard game of European roulette, including inside and outside bets. Players can place the following bets as they would normally:

Bet Name Odds
Red-Black 1:1
Even-Odd 1:1
Low-High 1:1
Straight Up 35:1
Split 17:1
Corner 8:1
Dozens 2:1
Column 2:1

The house edge in Multiball is 2.7%, just as it is when you play European roulette games. To get your Multiball odds, simply multiply the odds you get in the European version of roulette by the number of balls in play. For instance, a split bet gives you 17:1 odds in a European game of roulette, so the odds in Multiball are 17:3.

5 Tested Multi-Ball Roulette Strategies to Use

So, what is the best strategy to implement at online casinos to get the best chance of winning in Multiball roulette games? For example, most of the popular strategies used in European roulette apply to multiball, which you can implement when playing a variety of live online casino games.

Also, we must mention that there are special strategies that you can only apply to new casinos from our list. Let’s see what other strategies you will be able to apply to get the best results while playing Multi-Ball Roulette:

Strategy Goal Advantages Disadvantages
Black and Red Place bets on a black or red pocket consecutively. Continue betting on the same color when you win and double your stake if you lose. This is a simple strategy for beginners. You can’t affect the odds of winning and losses can quickly multiply.
Fibonacci Players place bet sizes that increase and decrease according to the Fibonacci sequence (1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987) – scaling up the sequence with losses and going down with each win. The Fibonacci strategy is helpful for mitigating losses. This strategy can quickly increase the size of your bets.
D`Alembert Your initial bet size counts as one unit. With each loss, increase your bet size by one unit, and decrease by one unit with every win. Helps to lower your risk on a negative run. It can lead to substantial losses quickly.
Flat Bet Wager the same stake size with every turn of the wheel. This strategy is easy to implement. Other strategies do a better job of capitalizing on winning streaks.
Oscar’s Grind You set a profit target and incrementally add to your bet size until you reach it. Then, you readjust your bet size to its original state. It can help to avoid losses. This method can slow down gameplay and make it less interesting.

Our casino experts recommend you first try out this strategies on new accounts, with lower bets, to be able to test out the strategies with low financial risks. For this, we suggest you try out one of our low deposit websites from our complete casino selection.

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Pros & Cons of Multi-Ball Roulette


  • Multiball roulette is easy to pick up and play for new players and works a lot like a regular game.
  • Even-money bets offer very low risk.
  • Straight-up bets give high payouts despite their higher risk.
  • You can often play in demo mode.
  • Works well with our 200% casino bonuses list


  • This variant of the game often doesn’t have mobile support.
  • Straight-up bets become very risky.

Expert’s Verdict

Multiball is an innovative variant of classic roulette games that can improve your chances to win by using multiple balls instead of just one. We always recommend reading the rules, and terms and conditions of any Multiball roulette game before you play. Ensure you only play at a reputable casino website that’s licensed, and secure, uses the latest software, and offers reasonable RTP rates.

Whether you prefer to play using one ball, two balls, or three balls, always gamble responsibly and don’t forget to take a break if you need to.

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