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Types of Casino Baccarat Table Layouts in Irish Casinos

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Our team of experts has joined forces to show readers how a casino Baccarat table works and how the Baccarat table layout relates to the different versions.

Baccarat Table Layout Basics in Irish Casinos

There is a lot of variation between different Baccarat tables. But some basics remain applicable to all Baccarat layout variations, such as the number of players, the number and function of dealers, and even the standard starting limits.

Baccarat Table Betting Positions

The standard Baccarat table consists of always positing three betting placements: player, banker, or tie. All players are dealt two cards.

The player places their chips on either of the three wagering positions, betting on whether the overall player’s or banker’s number will be higher or whether there’ll be a tie.

The Baccarat card values are as follows:

  • Aces equal 1
  • Cards with numbers from 2 to 9 are at face value
  • Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings equal 0.

Know your odds

Player odds are 1:1 for the banker. Also, there’s a player edge of 1.24% and a house edge of 8:1. The odds for a tie are 8:1.

Learning how Baccarat is played can be pretty straightforward since the rules are simple and the game is entirely chance-based.

How Do You Read Baccarat-derived Roads in Irish Casinos?

The Big Road

Some players believe that patterns in Baccarat can be located, tracked, and predicted, hence the existence of Baccarat roads or Baccarat-derived roads. The term refers to tables that note down the wins and losses in order to predict future developments in the game.

There are different Baccarat roads, including the Big Road, the Big Eye Boy, the Small Road, the Bead Plate, the Cockroach Pig, and more.


The Bead Plate simply stacks all wins of the positions from top to bottom, left to right.

How Do You Read the Big Road?

The Big Road is one of the most famous and easiest-to-understand roads, and it stacks the outcomes of wins from left to right horizontally. When either the banker or player wins two or more times in a row, the double win is stacked vertically.

How Do You Read a Baccarat Table in Irish Casinos?

  • Stay focused on the amount you’re betting
  • Don’t let yourself be distracted by cards, chips, or odds
  • Always remember that results are unpredictable
  • Set a fixed budget for gambling, and stick to it
  • Prepare for any outcome
  • Don’t read a Baccarat table when feeling emotional

Baccarat Table Staff

Baccarat Table Staff

The number of casino staff present at a Baccarat table depends on the version of Baccarat being played.

Full-sized, Big, or American Baccarat tables usually have a team of three: two dealers and one caller or croupier.

The roles of the staff in Irish Casinos

  • The dealers: they stand in the middle of the table between the players. One of them works with players 1-7, while the other is responsible for players 8-15.
  • The caller (croupier): he stands opposite the dealers, announces wins and losses, collects commissions, and commands players to sit, stand, or place their bets.

Staff Roles in Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat has only one dealer, who performs the function of both dealer and caller/croupier.

How Many Betting Positions Are There on a Baccarat Table?

There are always only three betting positions on a Baccarat table – player, banker, and tie.

How Does Baccarat Work in Irish Casinos?

  • Players are assigned a number and seated at their designed places
  • Dealers deal two cards to each player and the banker
  • Players are dealt a third card if the sum of the first two is below 5
  • The banker can be dealt more cards depending on the player’s cards
  • Players place their bets on one of the three positions
  • The cards are revealed, determining wins and losses

The Baccarat Pit is Where You Will Find All Baccarat Tables

Mini Baccarat tables are staples of all casinos nowadays, and you can find them in the main halls alongside other casino games.

Yet, big or American Baccarat tables are almost always exclusively located in a secluded casino area, outside the main sections, or on a different floor called the Baccarat pit.

Fun Fact

Big Baccarat used to be considered a high-roller, VIP, big-money card game, so the Baccarat Pit ensured that the only players who entered it were people willing to bet great sums of money on games.

The American Baccarat Table Version

American Baccarat Layout

The American Baccarat table version can fit up to 14 players.

The table is quite large and shaped like the number 8 (also known as the infinity sign), with players 1-7 on one end and 8-15 on the other. All players have their numbers in front of them.

On one side in the middle section stay the dealers, while the croupier stands opposite them.

Mini Baccarat Vs Big Baccarat Table Layouts

Mini Baccarat vs Big Baccarat Table Layouts

There are three main differences between the Baccarat table layout of Big Baccarat and the other Mini-Baccarat variants.

Mini Baccarat Table Layout

  1. Mini Baccarat tables can usually hold a maximum of 7 players. Visually, Mini Baccarat table layouts look like a single half of a Big Baccarat table, of a half-moon shape. There are 8 areas in this table – 7 for each of the players and one for the dealer
  2. Only one dealer takes part in the Mini Baccarat version of the game, and he performs both the function of dealer and that of caller. He deals cards, asks players to place their bets, and announces wins and losses
  3. The money at stake during Mini Baccarat is usually much more modest. Some games even have their limit starting at €1, even though the usual average for the entry stake is somewhere between €25 and €50

Big Baccarat Table Layout

  1. Big Baccarat tables usually host between 12 and 14 players. The tables are quite large, containing two regions for up to 7 players, with designated areas containing their player numbers, allowing them to place their bets (chips) on the player or banker
  2. There are three areas apart from the players – two dealers for each group of 7 players and one croupier or caller who leads the game
  3. Big Baccarat table games are usually played with much higher stakes, with the starting limits frequently being at least around €100,000. Because of this, Big Baccarat has often been considered an elite VIP game, and the tables are locked away from most gamblers in the separate Baccarat Pit

Online Baccarat Casino Layout

Online baccarat casino layout

Ever since 1996, and especially in more recent years, the Baccarat titles found in online casinos have become one of the most popular variants of this game, as it allows players to access the game remotely.

There are two types of Online Baccarat games available on top online casinos in Ireland:

  • The Live Casino Online Baccarat version, which is played against real opponents with a real dealer
  • The RNG Baccarat game, where you play against the AI

However, both versions have multiple variations, including European Baccarat, Mini Baccarat, Chemin De Fer, Baccarat Banque, and Punto Banco.


More often than not, new online casinos host numerous versions of Baccarat to attract more customers since this title and its many variants are highly popular among gambling enthusiasts.

Offline vs Online Baccarat Table Games

Online Baccarat advantages Offline Baccarat advantages
Available 24/7 after opening an account Being part of a grandiose casino experience
Accessible on multiple devices, including mobile casino apps Being able to read people’s facial expressions
Playing sessions are usually shorter High stake bets are available
Multiple variations in one place Cash winnings available


Why is there no 4 on a Baccarat table?

Both the numbers 4 and 13 are absent from most baccarat tables due to superstition. The number 13 is considered to be bad luck in Western countries, while the number 4 is considered to be bad luck in Eastern countries.

How many positions are there on a Baccarat table?

There are only three positions on a Baccarat table – the Banker, Player, and the Tie.

What does a Baccarat Table look like?

A Big Baccarat table looks like an elongated ellipse with a slight narrowing in the middle. Mini Baccarat tables look like half of a Big Baccarat table, a semi-circle.

How does Speed Baccarat work?

Speed Baccarat is the same as regular Baccarat but sped up. Each round lasts a maximum of 27 seconds. Placing a bet takes 12-20 seconds. Otherwise, the game is played in the same way.

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