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Ireland Latest Gamble Trends: Problem Gambling and ESRI Insights

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Notable trends and advancements have shaped the Irish gambling space in recent years. The wide adoption of digital currencies and virtual reality have played major roles in these significant changes. In the same vein, the rise of online casinos and increasing accessibility have contributed to a growing prevalence of problem gambling behaviours across Ireland. Recognizing and addressing these negative behaviours has become a priority for regulatory bodies promoting responsible gaming practices. In this article, we explore some of the latest trends shaping the gambling landscape in Ireland.

Popular Gambling Activities in Ireland

Engaging in various forms of gambling has been a long tradition in Ireland, with historical accounts suggesting its roots can be traced back to the medieval era. Over the years, numerous amendments to Irish gambling laws have facilitated a surge in both online and in-person gambling practices. In the current decade, certain forms of gambling have gained prominence, particularly online, among Irish adults. Let’s explore some of them.

Lotteries and Instant Gratification Games

Scratch cards and lotteries are the most common types of gambling in the Republic of Ireland, with 56.7% of the population participating in these activities. People aged 18 and above have online and offline access to the Irish National Lottery and its associated offerings. Also, numerous websites enable Irish gamers to participate in international lotteries without the need for physical travel.

Sports Betting

Since the Irish regulatory body updated the Betting Act in 2015, sports betting has taken off in the country.  The prevalence of sporting events among people in Ireland has also played a major role in boosting player’s interest in wagering on various matches and contests. Most of them love putting a few euros down on games like football, Gaelic football, and golf—all the classic Irish sports.

Online Casinos

Nowadays, Irish gamers can pick from many quality online casino sites. Poker is massively popular, so the online casinos make sure to offer different poker game variations to keep things interesting for their Irish players. The live dealer games don’t fall short; they try to recreate that authentic land-based casino vibe.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has been a massive pastime in Ireland for a long period, and it’s still going strong today. The Irish Grand National and the Cheltenham Festival are undoubtedly the two biggest highlights on the Irish racing calendar every year. They draw massive crowds, with punters wagering millions of euros across all the different races.

Emerging Trends in the Industry


The betting industry in Ireland has witnessed several emerging trends. Consequently, players’ experiences associated with their gambling have evolved significantly. Here are the recent trends in the Irish gaming industry:

Cryptocurrency Usage

With digital currencies like Bitcoin and others gaining more traction worldwide, Irish online casinos are joining the trend. Most of them have added crypto as a payment option for their players. And it’s easy to see why: cryptocurrencies offer enhanced security, lightning-fast transactions, and lower fees compared to traditional banking methods. This option gives the more tech-savvy gamers out there an alternative way to deposit And withdraw.

Mobile Gaming Trend

Lately, mobile gaming has exploded in the Irish online casino market. With pretty much everyone rocking a smartphone or tablet these days, it’s convenient to play casino games on the go from your mobile device. This easy accessibility is a huge driving force behind the rapid growth of mobile casino platforms and apps. Now, most online casinos optimize their websites and launch dedicated mobile apps that run smoothly on phones and tablets.

Live Dealers

Most Irish gamers find live dealers ideal. They offer the atmosphere and interaction you get from playing with an actual human dealer over a live video stream. It’s like having a legit casino experience right from your living room. With live dealer tables for classic games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and more, you get to chat with the real-life dealer and watch every round play out in real time. It bridges that gap between the online and land-based casino worlds.

Enhanced Security Measures

Top-notch security has always been a top priority for online casinos, but these days, they’re doubling down on keeping players safe. With all the data breaches and hacking going on, Irish casino sites are investing in the latest security technology to secure personal information and financial dealings. Practices like SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular security audits are becoming industry standards. These measures not only protect players but also help build trust in the online casino ecosystem.

Community Engagement

Most Irish online casinos are investing in building a real community vibe among their loyal players. They’re investing in initiatives to get players engaged and make them want to stick around. These include offering reward programs and bonuses yo. But it goes beyond just individual gameplay. These casinos host tournaments, forums, and social hangouts, which help bring the player community together.

Gambling Problem in Ireland


Problem gambling among Irish players is way more widespread than previously thought. An ESRI study was done anonymously online, and it revealed that a whopping one in 30 adults in Ireland struggles with addiction. This study was commissioned by the team setting up the new Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland and the Department of Justice. It sheds invaluable light on the extent of the problem gambling issue in Ireland.

According to the study, online gambling accounts for a whopping 60% of the total gambling spend of people with problem gambling in Ireland, with in-person gambling accounting for the other 40%. Prior to the survey, estimates of problem gambling were much lower.

Interestingly, the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) said the total amount spent by individuals on gambling products in this survey closely mirrors the industry revenue numbers in the country. According to the body, this similarity suggests that the study did not over-record gambling activity and accurately reflects the true situation than previous estimates.

More reports show that, on average, problem gamblers reported spending upwards of €1,000 per month on gambling, especially adults who are 30. The study estimates that an additional 279,000 persons show moderate evidence of problem gambling. Additionally, adults with gambling problems are three times more likely to have experienced adverse childhood experiences associated with gambling than adults without addiction issues.

The main reason for problem gambling online could vary depending on the individual. Studies into gambling in Ireland revealed that many think that the exposure and opportunities to gamble are the leading causes of this compulsive behaviour. However, most people don’t seem to see people’s character or upbringing as the main reasons.

In summary, reports from various bodies, including the ESRI and National Drug and Alcohol Survey, suggest that there’s a trend of gambling problems in Ireland. Hence, the government bodies of Ireland have reviewed and instituted several organizations to counter this societal issue.

Regulatory Changes and Their Impact

Several shake-ups are happening in the Irish online casino scene aimed at providing stricter regulations. The regulatory bodies in the country have resolved to get a better grip on the growing issue of gambling to keep things safe and responsible. So they’ve been cracking down with much stricter licensing and regulations. The goal is to protect players from gambling harm while also clamping down on any shady money laundering or fraud activity.

The Gambling Regulation Bill 2022 is aimed at protecting public health and shielding Irish citizens from the potential harms of gambling and substance use addiction. According to Anne Marie Caulfield, CEO Designate of the Gambling Regulatory Authority, the true extent of problem gambling in Ireland has been going under the radar. But thanks to the ESRI study published in June 2023, shining a light on new figures from the economic study, we’re getting a clearer picture of how widespread this issue is. The reports are invaluable to the authority as we undertake our work in education and prevention.

This regulatory overhaul is forcing the online casinos operating in Ireland to seriously adapt their businesses and prioritize compliance like never before. It implies an extreme increase in transparency and accountability for the whole gambling sector. For players, it means more protections to ensure fair play rather than a risk to their finances. The importance of this ESRI study in shining a light on this gambling harm in Ireland cannot be underestimated. It helps in tackling the issue head-on and making treatment for problem gambling become more widely available.


In a nutshell, the gambling market in Ireland has encountered several changes lately. Trends like cryptocurrency adoption, live dealers, and mobile Gaming have contributed to this advancement. On the flip side, recent Irish research and new reports from the ESRI and Health Research Board have shown the extent of gambling harm in the country. It highlights the need for providing gambling treatments and introducing other measures that can help mitigate the effects of this compulsive behaviour in Ireland. All in all, the recent research and studies in Ireland will be invaluable as the authorities tackle this reported gambling issue.

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