Ioana Nutulescu

Ioana Nutulescu

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Using her Comparative Literature MA, Ioana’s casino and game reviews, player guides and pages cater to the different culture-related needs, preferences, and mentalities of gamblers around the world. Focused on aesthetic & psychology, she advocates for pleasing yet safe casino experiences.


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Minor Protection Tools, Problem Gambling Prevention


MA in Comparative Literature


Queen Mary University of London

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Gambling News, Slots

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A surprise passion written in the cards

Ioana first got the taste for playing cards when she learnt that they tell the future and drive her mind to strategise. She challenged friends and new acquaintances to Whist, got the hang of Poker, and learned Blackjack with its many variations. Ioana noticed how easy it was to become hazed by the colourful idea of chance and play. Hence, she dove into responsible gambling strategies. One of her highest aspirations is for playing to remain a safe activity for everyone. She likes to keep informed about what goes on in her favourite fields. Her Comparative Literature background helps her quickly understand the different needs and mentalities of players around the world.

Know the author up close!

Ioana looks for beauty, whether she finds it in the written word, visual arts, music, nature or interior design. Outside of her job, she sings in a blues band, dabbles with impressionistic paint strokes and seeks the comfort of discovering quiet natural landscapes. Curious about the human mind and emotions, Ioana does quite a bit of research on the subject, especially by seeking the stories of those she meets. Nowadays, she is looking deeper into trauma and addiction, which enhances her everyday work.

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